You can't destroy magic, because you can't kill hope...

An Inclusive Fantasy Novel Series

Join K.W. Leone on a journey through the world of Anteas—a world that is not so unlike our own. Enjoy magical realism, vibrant characters, and representation that isn’t tokenistic. A fantasy series by LGBTQIA2S+ people, for LGBTQIA2S+ people!


Warmage is a slipstream, scifi epic fantasy crossover, with a dash of post apocalyptic flair. Indulge yourself in a world where everyone belongs, and where fantastic dangers, and hope, abound.

A book that takes you on a journey. An experience in and of itself. A fresh view on the fantasy genre with character bonds that leave a lasting impression. You'll find yourself falling in love with the world, and not wanting to put the book down!

Jayden Walker

The WarMage Arc

Author K.W. Leone debuts with Warmage Volume 1: Grayden’s Hope, the first book in the LGBT+ inclusive ‘Warmage’ series.


Grayden was a warmage. So far he’d managed to survive to the ripe old age of forty-six—and become a man of some repute in one of Anteas’ greatest armies. He’d also been bought and sold in more ways than he could count.


He might have been just another ward of the state turned military slave; but regardless of the curves life had thrown at him, he’d never accepted his fate. He believed in the magic that coursed through his veins. He had confidence that blood, sweat, and sacrifice would change the future. Yet despite all that had been given in the name of peace and freedom, his amnesic planet seemed doomed to repeat a past it couldn’t recall.


That was, until Tylen.


Twenty years ago, if anyone had told Grayden that he would find himself as High Archmage of Skyeford, married to a king, raising a family, or shepherding underage vegetarian dragons, he would have told them they were crazier than him. But now hope is blossoming on the horizon; and while the times seem darker than they ever have before, change is coming to Anteas.

Author K.W. Leone returns with Warmage Volume 2: Grayden’s Promise, the second book in the LGBT+ inclusive ‘Warmage’ series.

Tylen had never entertained the thought of romance, let alone pursing a relationship with a human prince. As a dragon, and a runaway teenage soldier, he has bigger things to worry about. An alien invasion is tearing apart his world. The sociopolitical fallout from a centuries-old plague has come back to haunt humans and dragons alike, and a very important key has gone missing in the wake of a fiery coup.

To make matters worse, the only father-figure Tylen has ever had, Grayden, is gone—attending to a matter of grave importance. The archmage can’t advise anyone, which means Brynn and Tylen need to rely on each other more than ever.


But with the dark secrets of his past spilling over, Tylen has nowhere to turn. If he doesn’t face the malice rooted in his history, all Anteas has fought for is lost, but if he does, he risks losing Brynn forever…


Warmage: Grayden's Truth

The highly anticipated third book in Author K.W. Leone’s  LGBT+ inclusive ‘Warmage’ series is almost here!

Tylen and Brynn are forced to make a near-fatal emergency landing in the Tel’av desert just as High King Lynn Broderick finds himself at the mercy of the Empress of Dragons. 

The Angelic warship strains at its moorings, and the land cries out under the monstrous aliens onslaught. Above it all, Baron Forscyth looms large, looking for any weakness that he can exploit within what is left of Skyeford’s rogue army, and Grayden races to save lost members of his company.


Time is running out, and only memories from Anteas’ past can save her future…

You'll be holding your breath on one page, only to have it stolen it away on the next! Grayden's Promise offers the continuation of an already vibrant and brilliant tale, and a journey that is far from over.

A. Hutchison

The Grayden Saga

Author K.W. Leone’s LGBT+ inclusive ‘Warmage’ series continues with Grayden: the first book in the Grayden Saga.


The world of Anteas has weathered the Crisis—a plague which nearly eradicated all of mankind—but at a terrible cost. The Survivors’ descendants struggle for their lives on a planet gravely changed, and the very system put in place to help them prosper may be the key to their undoing.


Humanity squabbles amongst itself as alien beings inundate the planet—some seeking a peaceful home, some bent on destroying all life—and caught in the middle is Grayden.


Sold into military slavery at the tender age of ten summers, one unlikely boy will grow into a man who changes the history of Anteas forever. Every legend has a beginning…

Warmage is a trip through a world that mirrors our reality, splashing intrigue and extraordinary elements onto each page to keep the reader wanting more.

L. Christensen